The Links Foundation believes bringing people, organisations, inspirational leaders and projects together will allow for greater success for the young generation in society today.

Our projects include links to with local businesses, volunteer groups and other great organisations in the East Midlands and nationally, to open doors for young people so they have the opportunity of work experience that leads to a possible apprenticeship.

We aim to represent groups of young people who have not been given a true opportunity of their potential. Such road blocks may be from a simple issue of where they live. We also aim to raise the awareness of mental health and wellbeing within these groups through educational forums.

Groups like Switch-Up CIC in Nottingham ( The Fairnborough Academy, Round Table GB&I / The Round Table Family members locally/nationally who support the project.

Links2Education -an exit strategy for groups of young people who are leaving further education such as college and secondary education.

One example of the programme is Links2SwitchUP of which targets local companies who run work experience classes with access to apprenticeship programmes, we have 38 companies signed up to help create a real development plan for the young switch up adults.

Switch Up exists to empower Nottingham's young people, children and young adults to break the cycle of offending and re-offending.

Links2Leadership gives young people access to workshops with proven leaders in business who give their time to encourage a future generation, through examples of their own inspiring journeys of life.

Through engaging young people in positive activities, sports, mentoring and peer mentoring, we equip the future with the skills, character and confidence they need to realise their full potential.

Are you a business or leader who would support & play a part of this important project, please email the team at to get further information.