Our History

The Links Foundation is the brainchild of Marcus Jones Past National President (www.marcusjones.co.uk). The ethos is drawn from the same values of Round Table Family, which is simply to make a difference and to help others in the community.

During his time on the National Board Marcus worked with RTCW and The Round Table Trust along with new partnerships such as PTSD, Calm and the NCVO, which led to the understanding of issues surrounding Mental Illness and the links to male mental health. This work and the loss of great members during this time led to the realisation that The four club family did not have a voice or representation in such areas that meant so much to all members on something that has impacted on most.



"The Links Foundation represents the volunteer sector, those individuals who support others through their daily lives, through member organisations, emergency services, local organisations or simply supporting a loved one through illness. Our aim is to create a voice for the volunteer sector and create an impact in all areas of wellbeing and mental health issues, it's on everyone's agenda for the right reasons. I recognise that volunteer organisations will help make a huge impact locally, regionally nationally and internationally. I have experienced this personally with the members Round Table world wide, individuals who care that male & female suicide/mental illness is on the increase, That young people feel more anxiety today with a changing world. Simply put, we can, we will and we want to make a difference for those who need support in their wellbeing, by creating supportive projects and links to great organisations".Marcus Jones CEO