Dealing with anger is one of the most common reasons men come to this website. Anger can sometimes be a sign of depression or more deep seated issues, so rarely does it mean you are an irrational person. There are many ways of treating anger when it gets out of hand.

Anger is a natural emotion that helps us deal with challenges and threats in our lives. It can be a useful emotion in helping us to protect our well-being from possible harm. However, anger can also be massively destructive. How we respond to our anger is the most important thing. Burying anger or keeping it inside can lead us to feel low, worthless and helpless, in other words “depressed”. It can even lead us to harm ourselves. Equally, taking anger out on other people can cause great harm and then everyone gets affected. The best thing to do with anger is to try to understand and respect it and express it without violence to yourself or other people. There are techniques that you can use to manage anger in a better way. Talking about feelings is sometimes harder for men but feelings can also be expressed less directly through sport, art, music or by putting it into words privately on paper. If you have a problem with your anger you probably already know it and it can feel like the anger is controlling you, rather than the other way round.

These are some of the signs that someone has difficulty controlling their anger:

  • Feeling anger or rage, irritable at the slightest thing, restless, on edge.
  • Snappy and irritable, shout and argue, hit out, throw things, attack someone.
  • Can’t concentrate, others seem unfair to you, everything is a big problem.
  • Heart pounds, tight chest, tense muscles, weak legs, hot and sweaty.