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Hi, my name is Robyn. I am a professional Life Coach but for the purposes of these blogs- I am your average Joe.

One of my biggest passions is Mental Health, how we can learn more about it and all its complexities, but also how we can learn to manage and maintain it!

Mental health is, for me, by far the most important health that we can be mindful of. Controversial, but stick with me- if our Mental health is in good order, we are more likely to treat our bodies right. To eat and drink better, to move more, to interact with more people, to laugh and learn more and potentially make and create more; building a happier you!

Mental health is talked about such a lot now, which is phenomenal. Together, we are raising awareness of difficulties and challenges faced by some on a daily basis. We’re creating a dialogue about sensitive, taboo and often uncomfortable issues that many of us until now have avoided.

We are creating a wider understanding of general and more complex mental health topics which is, in turn, beginning to break down stigmas and thus (I hope) increase the self and social confidence of those who once felt excluded and unable to join in.

Inclusivity is a much bigger medicine than many of us give it credit for – even for those who don’t feel that they are challenged with a mental health issue. Always ask, invite and include people around you (even if they always say no)- it means more than you will ever know!

I would generally consider myself a pretty positive person; I don’t think that I face any serious mental health issues as such. I do, however, sometimes feel anxious, inadequate (in many ways), lonely, isolated and down- and I feel it is fair to say that even the most upbeat people feel these things too, sometimes.

So I’d like to share a few remedies that myself and some friends have culminated for those days that seem a little darker than the rest – (please feel free to write them down and stick them on somewhere visible to you as a constant reminder that the little things are sometimes the most comforting and healing):

Exercise– If you’re like me and the thought of going to a gym is actually more stressful than the initial anxiety you were feeling then just go for a walk around your local park or your ‘block’ as our Trans-Atlantic cousins would say. Fresh air and movement has a lot to be spoken for.
Playlist– This might actually be my biggest remedy! Create a playlist* of feel-good songs that are personal to you, and then play it! Either on your walk (discussed above), or behind closed doors. But the rule that I find with this one is that I have to let my thoughts drift and concentrate on the words or the beat- something outside of yourself!

* I will be posting my playlist in my next blog – for some inspiration!

Meditation– This is intimidating for some, myself included, but I see it as simply sitting comfortably either on the floor or a chair (eyes can be open or closed) and counting your in-breath as a 1 and your out-breath as 2. Each time you find yourself thinking of other things just bring yourself back to counting (in your head or aloud) 1 and 2 with your breathing. Try this for 1 minute to begin with and then build up to 5 and so on.
Be kind to others– Ask others about themselves or ask if you can help someone or something (charity events, local soup kitchen ect). These kinds of things help me to take myself out of my own head for a while and make me feel good for having done something that has no direct effect on me.
Do something creative: Get a colouring book, draw a picture, play an instrument, sing, write, rap, read poetry, make a sculpture with sticks in your garden- it doesn’t matter! But being creative is really soothing for the mind.
Cleanliness/Grooming– Have a bath or a shower, wash your hair and then put on some nice clothes and maybe even do your make-up or gel your hair (whatever the case may be). Making yourself look good, in your own eyes, can make you feel good and lift your mood and confidence no end!!
Be with nature– This is something that, with the rise of technology, that has seemingly gone out the window (pun not intended…). But on a primal and scientific level, humans actually get a lot from being outside. This is something I have been trying to do more of late, and I have to say, it is really calming and allows you to get in touch with something much bigger than yourself!

It is worth mentioning that these suggestions are not ‘cures’ or quick fixes and from my experience they will only help to reduce stresses and anxieties if we let them. If we are still clinging on to the negative thoughts and feelings, any suggestion will seldom help!

Also, if you are dealing with extreme negative thoughts and feelings and are having harmful thoughts- I would advise that you seek professional support and help. Then, once those thoughts are more manageable and less all-encompassing, suggestions like these may seem more appealing and accessible for you.

Thank you for reading, and please know that you are an amazing person and are the best thing that has happened in the lives of many around you.

Life Is Now, Keep Smiling!

Robyn x

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