“Volunteers Supporting Volunteers”

There are many groups of volunteers around the UK who support all areas of society, from the hospitals, emergency services, locally rugby clubs, within youth clubs such as the scouts, national social clubs such as Round Table, Rotary and even the masons. Then you have those who volunteer in their own homes, supporting a parent through the later stages of life or looking after a child that needs 24 hour care.

No matter what part of the volunteer sector it represents for you, The Links Foundation wants to connect with all groups. To create a safe space for those volunteers when they need time out. Time to recharge those batteries and press the reset button.

Our work with these groups aims to engage, educate and encourage all volunteers to take part, take time out and recognise the impact of a modern day life with all the stresses and strains. Most of all recognise that they even need that down time.

We are creating partnerships that will allow opportunity to participate in programmes that cover well-being, resilience and reflection work, whilst meeting like minded people.