How Sport Can Help Wellbeing.

We often talk about mental health and well-being, The Links Foundation Team are working a platform of sports that target “Mental Strength”.

So what does this mean?

Firstly we all have mental strength, however it depends on several indicators on the day, week or month. Imagine the speedometer of a car showing 0 to 100 mph and on average you feel good, good intake of foods that give you energy, plenty of sleep and water daily and in general terms work/life balance feels good. You may say you feel at 90 mph. However imagine a week, lack of sleep, bit of stress and you have missed a few meals, plus a few challenges, you may say you only 45 mph in your view point.

In the video we talk too some real great names of boxing , how a sport can help wellbeing through the transfer of disciplines, knowledge and also being supported with a positive environment, plus making new friends. Switch Up Nottingham via Nottingham Boxing also supports young people who we know today are at risk from many social factors.

Please enjoy the video and share.



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