How Sport Can Help Wellbeing.

We often talk about mental health and well-being, The Links Foundation Team are working a platform of sports that target “Mental Strength”.

So what does this mean?

Firstly we all have mental strength, however it depends on several indicators on the day, week or month. Imagine the speedometer of a car showing 0 to 100 mph and on average you feel good, good intake of foods that give you energy, plenty of sleep and water daily and in general terms work/life balance feels good. You may say you feel at 90 mph. However imagine a week, lack of sleep, bit of stress and you have missed a few meals, plus a few challenges, you may say you only 45 mph in your view point.

In the video we talk too some real great names of boxing , how a sport can help wellbeing through the transfer of disciplines, knowledge and also being supported with a positive environment, plus making new friends. Switch Up Nottingham via Nottingham Boxing also supports young people who we know today are at risk from many social factors.

Please enjoy the video and share.



The Inspirational Marcellus Baz & The Links Foundation Partnership

Accessible to all ages, backgrounds and levels, Marcellus known to most as “Baz” has created an all inclusive environment for everyone to discover and learn all that the sport has to offer.

From ex-offenders to those with simply an interest in boxing Baz can offer professional first class training and preparation at one end , through to an introduction to Boxing that has already been proven to change an individuals pathway in life.

Through cemented partnerships with local authorities and other organisations Baz does not shirk the challenge of those who need more than just a boxing lesson. However, all assistance is underpinned with reporting and where necessary safeguarding measures to ensure that any help given is aligned to their own future development.

Being awarded The BBC’s unsung hero award in 2016 together with a British Empire Medal for services to youth boxing and the community in Nottingham was an affirmation of all the hard work, commitment and passion that Baz brings to the table. But meet him on the street and there is no-one more grounded, honest and humbled.

Having faced the toughest of adversity Baz wants to talk about you. What do you need ? How can he help? The story of why Baz is more than qualified to ask these questions is best left for him to explain himself.

“Let’s not dwell on problems, let’s figure out your solution, we can deal with the rest as we grow”

Find out by watching the video why Links2SwitchUp will change the lives of many.


The Links Foundation Launch

A short video celebrating the partnership launch of The Links Foundation and SwitchUp CIC Nottingham.

The Links Foundation Team are working with SwitchUp CIC to support young people through their programmes with an exit strategy that creates opportunity to apprenticeships for young people. Supported with a mental strength programme for The Umbrella Project via Links.

Our aim;

Create mental strength programmes that allow for the disciplines of sport to be transferred in every day life.

Nurturing the positive behaviours of group work to meet new friends and create new safe spaces through activities.

We also engage in alternative activities for those wanting explore different activities.

A programme for all ages and for both men and women aged 18plus.

Marcus Jones

The Links Founder